Arrangers Take Home Three Achievement Awards from the Association of Destination Management Executives International 2013 Awards Ceremony

"Our team worked hard in 2012 to provide the very best in creativity and service excellence for our clients. It is such an honor to be recognized by our peers and the destination management industry for our accomplishments," states Nicole Marsh, Arrangers President & CEO.

The 20th Annual Grumpy Old Men Festival Comes to Wabasha

The city of Wabasha will be home to the 20th Annual Grumpy Old Men Festival on February 23. The packed day will celebrate Grumpy Old Men with many movie-themed activities from morning till night.

The morning will consist of an ice fishing tournament while the afternoon will be packed with activities. Guests can choose from minnow races at the Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW), a Cribbage tournament, Bingo, sponsored by The American Legion, or Slippery’s Annual Texas Hold’em Tournament. Hockey games, one youth and one old timer’s, will also be played.


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