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BY Eric Peterson
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Family Members are Joining Business & Leisure Trips in Standout Mountain Destinations

Mountain towns that blur lines of business and leisure have long been a part of the American West’s landscape. Strategically crafting agendas for outings that are both productive and family friendly are not only possible, it makes being on the road a treat for employees and attendees. Four groups demonstrate how they are masterfully blending mountain magic, meetings and family involvement.

Ride into the Sonoran Sunset


College Towns Double as Destinations for Meetings and Events

Smart. Artsy. Alive. The hallmarks of college towns—thriving downtowns, enviable cultural scenes, and the energy that comes with intellectual curiosity—make for some pretty livable places. Add mountain majesty to the mix and you’ve got some compelling destinations for meetings and events. The following trio of Western college towns fi ts the bill exactly along with several other communities worthy of consideration.

Fairbanks, Alaska

Explore Outdoor Options in Las Cruces

Situated in the fertile Mesilla Valley between the towering Organ Mountains and meandering Rio Grande, Las Cruces or the “City of Crosses” offers out-of-the-box opportunities to explore the area. 

Sled Down White Sands
At White Sands National Monument, groups can participate in many events throughout the year such as going on ranger-led sunset walks or renting sleds for an incredible ride down the dunes.

Colorful Reasons to Plan Autumn Mountain Meetings

The leaves are turning, the weather is mild, and the rates are lower. Here’s a second look at an oft-ignored time of year for mountain meetings and events.

Where to Go This Fall? Gettysburg!

Gettysburg’s historic town and majestic countryside boasts beautiful fall foliage, an array of autumn events and is one of America’s top haunted destinations, making the fall season a great time to visit the region.

“While many visitors think of Gettysburg as a summer destination, some of our most popular months are in autumn when the weather is cooler and couples and families are looking for short getaways before the holidays,” says Norris Flowers, President of Destination Gettysburg.

Dive into Summer with a Trio of Great Areas that Thrive on Superlative Snowmelt

There's nothing like a cool splash of water on one’s face to wake up and recharge. It actually lowers one’s heart rate by 10 to 25 percent, a mammalian refl ex that evolved to preserve oxygen while underwater. In this context, what better way to break up a meeting than a venue with easy access to plenty of agua, whether it’s a river, a lake or a little bit of both?

Here’s a glimpse into three great mountain towns that are known as much for their water as their peaks.

Hood River, Oregon


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