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Dealing with Murphy: Use Planning Templates, Not Guesswork

Special events are different from other projects. An event is a one-time activity with fixed boundaries and there is little to no wiggle room. Once the date, time and location are set, you face a hard deadline. Ready or not, the show must go on!

According to Murphy, if something does go wrong, the client looks to the event planner—whatever the circumstances might be. This is why meticulous planning is paramount, and using templates will streamline the process.

What’s the True Cost of Free?

Giving away free products and services is a time-honored technique for building business. In earlier American history, soap guy Benjamin T. Babbitt in the 19th century was one of the first known people - though not the first ever - to market by giving away free samples of his products. Saloons used to give away free sandwiches to entice men to buy more liquor. It worked, even though it undoubtedly led to more alcoholism and, according to some historians, ultimately to Prohibition.

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